Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

[KOREAN FASHION ID] Rooftop Prince, Han Ji Min - bash

On Han Ji Min (한지민): Jaguar Poncho by ba&sh, $493

What I thought was an odd-looking cardigan turned out to be a pretty caped poncho. I'm not a fan of belting it like Han Ji Min on episode 1 because I find it awkward and hard to move around in. Ponchos in general are v. hard to look good in so if you're gonna wear one, do it for comfort!

My beau calls it an blanket with a hole which it technically is damn him but I actually like wearing them. The right pieces add a bit of quirk in your wardrobe instead of the usual sweater or jacket. And quirk is good, better ridiculous than boring as Ms. Monroe says. It even made a comeback on the runway last year if I'm not mistaken. Yes, I'm justifying having 3 ponchos haha.

Going back to Tae Yong and that very CGI New York scene in episode 1, I'm leaning towards one theory: that Tae Yong and Lee Gak switched places. Its quite farfetched I know but three years and, at the incredibly fast pace its going, 20 episodes is a huge gap to fill. Almost all the family mysteries have unraveled and its only a matter of time before its known. What else is there for the later half? Given that we've actually seen Tae Yong in the first episode, I have a feeling he's going to factor in a major way later on. Wouldn't it be awesome if we find Tae Yong traveled back 300 years and we see that side of the story? :D (Of course I could be completely off and get everything wrong huu)

After Princey solves the mystery, he could either go back and find Bu-Young, his Joseon soulmate, or choose Park Ha. I want a happy ending for both Bu-Young and Park Ha though, so I'm desperate for the 2 Princes theory. Did I mention how much I love this series? Wednesday come sooner!! 


Rooftop Prince (SBS TV Drama) - Radish DollRooftop Prince OST Part. 1 (SBS TV Drama) + Poster in TubeRooftop Prince OST Part. 1 (SBS TV Drama)
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

[KOREAN FASHION ID] Rooftop Prince, Park Yoochun - Vivienne Westwood

On Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン): Indigo Athletic Hoodie by Vivienne Westwood, $275

The hoodie comes with a demin look, but its made of cozy cotton and polyester. Princey getting his share of fashion-comfort designer clothing with his no-limit black card! :D Its nice to see him don other clothing aside from his red power ranger jumpsuit. Though I was looking for more fashion faux pas, in it seems that ship has sailed. He's got himself a stylist inside that SBS van if his recent wardrobe is any indication. 

Episode 7 has just dawned and this drama just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully thy manage to keep this pace, its been a roller-coaster ride so far! ^^


Rooftop Prince (SBS TV Drama) - Radish DollRooftop Prince OST Part. 1 (SBS TV Drama) + Poster in TubeRooftop Prince OST Part. 1 (SBS TV Drama)
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